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Pairs of students travel at the same time to a select school in Australia, 捷克共和国, 法国, 印度, 南非, 西班牙, or United Kingdom and live with host families.


  • The 杜恩学校 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, 印度

    两名学生参加了 杜恩学校, an all boys independent boarding school located in the foothills of the Himalayas, north of Delhi. Founded in 1935, the 杜恩学校 is a member of the International Boys' Schools Coalition. Boys live in boarding houses and may stay with families on weekends.
    : Two rising Form V students, selected by the Form IV advisors.

    : Five weeks in late July and August (between Form IV and Form V).

    : This exchange begins with two Doons students coming to St. 四月的奥尔本斯. 两名死者的家属. 奥尔本斯 students who will travel abroad serve as their hosts.

  • The PORG School Exchange Program in Prague, in 捷克共和国

    两个圣. 奥尔本斯学生参加 PORG (První obnovené reálné gymnázium), a small school in Prague with an international focus. Each stays in the home of a PORG student who knows English. The students are encouraged to explore the city’s communities and history, focusing on topics such as the city of Kafka, 犹太区, 或者布拉格建筑的跨度.

    : Two Form V students, selected by the Form V advisors; the students names are announced in December.

    : Two to four weeks in June, after Prize Day.


    作为交换: This exchange begins with two PORG students coming to St. 一月底和二月的奥尔本斯. 两个St。. 奥尔本斯 students who will travel abroad serve as their hosts.
  • The 苏格兰大学 Exchange in Melbourne, Australia

    两名学生出席 苏格兰大学, an independent Presbyterian day and boarding school for boys located in the he艺术 of suburban Melbourne. Founded in 1851, 苏格兰大学 is affiliated with the International Coalition of Boys’ Schools. STA Boys stay with their exchange p艺术ner and his family and immerse themselves in the life of the school.

    人: Two rising Form V students, nominated by the Form IV advisors.

    当: Four weeks during the summer before their Form V year.

    交换: 第二年秋天, those same boys host their Australian exchange p艺术ners for a month at their home and introduce them to the full spectrum of school life at St. 奥尔本斯.

    成本:  机票和消费.
  • The 圣约翰书院 Exchange Program in Johannesburg, 南非

    两名学生出席 圣约翰书院, a private school for boys in Houghton, Johannesburg. 圣约翰书院 is a member of the International Boys' Schools Coalition and the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa.

    : Two Form IV students, selected by Form III advisors.

    圣? ?后四到五周. 奥尔本斯 classes end in late May and early June.

    作为交换: This exchange begins with two 圣约翰书院 students coming to St. 秋天的奥尔本斯. 圣. 奥尔本斯 students who will travel abroad serve as hosts.


    2016年旅游报告-Christian Potter ' 18


较大的St群体. 奥尔本斯学生旅行, often with teachers and other chaperones, on these well-established exchange programs; the St. 奥尔本斯 students then host the foreign students when they visit the United States. Everyone at school benefits from the influx of international students brought by these exchanges.


  • 圣. 路易·德·冈萨古学派 Exchange Program in Paris, 法国

    这个项目: In the morning, students attend classes with their French exchange student at St. 路易·德·冈萨古学派 (also known as the Franklin School), a renowned, private secondary school in the 16th  巴黎的. Afternoons they explore Paris under a St. 奥尔本斯法语老师的监督. These guided tours are crafted so that students do not just sight see but learn about French history, 文学, 艺术, 和文化, 以及巴黎的历史. 在埃菲尔铁塔上, students learn about the engineering and architecture of the tower and its construction as a gateway to the Exposition Universelle held in 1889. At the Champ de Mars and Ecole Militaire (where Napoleon studied) and les Invalides (where he is buried), 他们讨论法国大革命. Each student stays in the home of a Franklin School student.

    2010年旅游报告-Gleb Drobkov ' 08

    : 关于 twelve Form V and VI students enrolled in French classes.

    : 关于 ten days in late January, at the beginning of the second semester.

    作为交换: This exchange begins with a group of St. 奥尔本斯学生旅行ing to 法国 in January. 然后法国学生来到圣. 奥尔本斯 in February or March for about ten days. 圣. 奥尔本斯 students who went abroad serve as their hosts.

    如何报名:联络St. 奥尔本斯国际项目协调员 麦勒Beuchard 在5月.
  • 圣. 奥尔本斯你.K., Cross-Country and Track Exchange Program

    This exchange with our namesake, the 1,000-year-old St. 奥尔本斯学校 在赫特福德郡,英国.K., introduces runners to another culture and offers opportunities to grow through competing athletically in an international context. 学生 tour the school, sightsee, and run in two competitions.

    2010年旅游报告-Jamie Gerber, 12岁

    : Cross-country or track team members in Forms III to VI. 一个圣. 奥尔本的教练陪同他们.

    : 1 week in June, every even year (2012, 2014, etc.).

    :来自St的学生. 奥尔本斯你.K.,通过访问St. 秋季的奥尔本斯(通常是10月).

    :联系越野教练 吉姆Ehrenhaft 在2月.
位于华盛顿特区.C.,  St. 奥尔本斯学校 is a private, all boys day and boarding school. 一个多世纪以来,圣. 奥尔本斯 has offered a distinctive educational experience for young men in grades 4 through 12. While our students reach exceptional academic goals and exhibit first-rate athletic and 艺术istic achievements, as an Episcopal school we place equal emphasis upon moral and spiritual education.